Success should always be beyond your influence.

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It is very easy for me to maintain a low profile because I always focus on music. Two different things are achievement and fame. And I still feel the success is in terms of music, so I can have a regular, private lifestyle. Many people don’t know what feminism is. You think it’s a matter of women’s empowerment and prosperity, but it’s really not. For the left woman, it’s about power. And they have the crazy notion, I believe, that the patriarchy is oppressing American women and we must have laws and governments to fix our problems. The success of everyone is different; they are determined by everybody themselves, and that is part of what we are doing in the ‘Close Up’ quest for what they want to accomplish and what they want to sacrifice for that. It is extraordinarily important for my infancy, youth, and high school days. If I’ve ever established a special, humorous and organizational ability, then that’s it. I developed the skills I had early in American politics that gave me some success.

I just don’t try to guess with,

things what will and should happen. Often you think anything would be an immense success. And sometimes you don’t pay attention to something, and God just turns it through everything.Part of me feel that you have been really successful in your teens and twenties, it is more complicated for you in your thirties because people like that genius are so attached to you. So even when you’re older, the girl-that waifish girl-still thinks of you. And so it’s been kind of like a fight.
Yeah, I’ve made a lot of money and I have great regard, my movies have been good and I know there’s plenty of guests looking up to me and loving me. I figured that was almost like an strange dream. It’s never a success – I never thought – I don’t have a quality.
The best part of success is that it has made my life so secure that I was beyond the fundamental survival point. I haven’t had to worry about survival stuff. I got the chance to sit down and create and work on what I did. When I was taken care of.
I was quite lucky to have done much of what I dreamed of as a young man. But it’s not about having great riches or prosperity at the end of the day-and I truly believe that. Because ultimately they don’t bring gladness.
The risk is that an immediate public will be delighted: the immediate public who will come and welcome you and give you praise and all. Instead, you need to wait for the real public for 50 or 100 years. That’s the only audience I want to learn.

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