Success is the one unpardonable sin against our fellows.

When businesspeople talk about their success, they seldom talk about luck. I think that’s because most of them think the term denigrates the hard work they put into their ventures and the strategic thinking. Yet chanceis a big part of any positive undertaking.

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To people who need to be effective every day, I guess, it’s not a field: if you can’t deal with a sort of catastrophe at night, you should get out. I wouldn’t describe myself as a lack of faith, but I would clearly suggest you never catch the ghosts you chase.

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to succeed the right to fail is important. Occasionally, the most successful people fail, and it is a measure of their strength that failure simply propels them into some new attempt at success.

That’s true enough, but success is the next best thing to be successful, and if you can’t be happy as a result, it’s very unlikely that in failure you can find a stronger, truer happiness.

I was never pushy anyway. People said I ought to have been, more, but I am not sure. I’ve watched enormously ambitious people: the minute they’ve succeeded, they know where it’s going, they know how to handle it, and it’s all happening for them. Amazing. But I don’t like that way – well, I don’t like using the term ‘operate.’

Super-success isn’t for everyone, and you’ll endure hard work weeks and months and years, obstacles, failures, victories, pain, and any kind of ‘negative’ experiences to reap the rewards of success.

It’s valid in all, not just in drag: You need to grasp the world to be a success. You need to know yourself, and you need to know your background, and you can learn on people who have worked out the equation you face. It is not science for rockets.

The best part of success is that it got me beyond the basic level of life of survival and I was confident. I hadn’t to think about the survival material. When I took care of that, I got the chance to sit down and build and work at what I do.

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the essence of success is to redefine what success means to you. It can not be the definition of your dad, the definition of the media, or the definition of your neighbor. Otherwise you’ll never be satisfied with the success.

We can ask God for success sometimes and He gives us physical and mental stamina. We may plead for prosperity, and we may receive greater perspective and patience, or we may petition for growth and be blessed with the gift of grace. He may confer conviction and trust upon us as we strive to achieve worthy goals.

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