A lot of dreams can turn to nightmares… if you don’t really work them.

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Everyone wishes, but not nearly. Many who dream at night in their minds ‘ rusty recesses wake up in the morning to figure out that it was vanity. But the day’s dreamers are risky creatures. Since they will behave with clear eyes on their fantasies and make them real. I dream that the move between my mind and my finger would not be needed any more. And then I can render images easily by closing my hair. Then, I think I’m going to be a real photographer. I appeared to see a line in my dreams and hallucinations.  And on the other side of the line were green fields and colourful flowers, and beautiful white women, who reached their arms across the line to me, but I couldn’t touch them anyway.

I still dropped before I ended up on the ground. And remember these words to all Americans, in every town close and far, tiny and high, from mountain to coast, and from ocean to ocean: You’ll never be forgotten again. The American future can be determined by your speech, your aspirations and your dreams. And we will be guided forever by your courage and goodness and love.


I think back on my childhood. It’s almost as if there was a roadmap set out for me— from the little girl who was so curious about animals and wanted to go to Africa and whose family couldn’t afford to college her. In my nightmares, everybody screamed. In Bournemouth, I was meant to be Manager. The fair right of all people to safety, education, jobs, food, protection, culture. Science and well-being-that is, the same rights that we asserted when we started our fight. Besides those that come from our dreams of justice and equality for all our world’s inhabitants-is what I wish for all. Both dreams and myths are essential relations between ourselves and another. If we do not understand the language of which they are written, in those hours where we are not busy influencing the outer environment. Also we lose most of what we learn and say ourselves.

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