Let life happen to you. Believe me: life is in the right, always.

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In a waking vision, the longer we live, everything gets lighter and stronger and the explanation behind it becomes simpler. What confused us before appears less enigmatic, and when we reach the end the twisted pathways become straighter. We need to allow the room to evolve each other, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We must offer room to each other so that we can offer and accept such wonderful things as creativity, transparency, honesty, happiness, compassion and inclusion. Your time is minimal so don’t spend it living the life of another human. Don’t get stuck in ignorance-dealing in the consequences by the thought about others. Don’t make your own inner self filter out of the echo of others ‘ thoughts. And, most significantly, have the confidence to obey your instincts and heart. Your jobs must occupy most of your time and the best way to be fully happy is to do what you believe is excellent work. And just doing what you do is the best way to do excellent jobs. If you haven’t come across it yet, keep looking. Don’t calm back. As in all heart issues, when you discover it you must learn.

might not always have a stable existence and you might not always be willing to fix all of the world’s issues at once yet never overlook the value you will have as experience has taught us that optimism can be infectious and faith may take on a life of its own. I believe a trusting disposition and a positive mindset go hand in hand. You know, it unlocks peace in your life as you let go, and grow to believe Him. And if you believe Allah, then you will be more careful. Patience isn’t all about anything to wait on… It’s about time, or the mood while you wait. Every day, I wake up ready to give citizens around this nation a better existence that has been forgotten, overlooked and deserted. I met the laid-off employees at the factory and the neighbourhoods devastated by our horrific and unequal trade agreements. This is Our country’s missing men and women.



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