Every man is asking a woman this thing … but never mistakenly asking a woman this thing, otherwise she will have to repent.

Every spouse is a woman and a man.  Even though God made them both, they are still different in many respects.  Every man sees a woman who must do as he says and a woman wants a man who is one of her.  In this same problem, relationships with hope are often broken.

Today we are going to tell you something that is private but it is also important for every man to know.  If this is what men and women understand, there will never be disappointment and sorrow in the marriage, and the relationship between the two will be filled with happiness.

One thing to remember is that every relationship is based on trust.  Therefore, both partners should work wisely to strengthen this very fragile, gorgeous and sensitive relationship.  But if you make a small mistake, it can make your relationship tighter.  Let us know that there are things that should not be done to our partner even after marriage.
Never compare a woman (your wife) to your old girlfriend.  Even after forgetting, one should not compare one’s spouse with one’s past, ie Ax.  Doing so may cause a break in your relationship.  If there is one thing to remember that no woman in the world is the same.
You insult your wife by saying that you are not as attractive and shy as my girlfriend, she is very modern-minded, so brother, remember that your wife saves home, serves children and your parents.  But remember that even if your old girlfriend is a morden, you may not be ready to save your parents;  So tell a brother who will save your home and parents .. Remember there is no greater than a housewife.

A woman has self-esteem and should never be hurt.  Just as you should not praise other unprepared meals in front of your wife, you should respect her cooking as well.

Never ask a woman (wife) against her or have you had an affair with her in the past?  And if that woman says yes, then as a husband you will be upset that my wife had a relationship with someone before.  But are you able to change your wife’s past?  No … then you must never ask this thing.  But yes, one thing that needs to be done is to support my life as a Best Wife ..

Never say anything about your wife’s father, brother or other family, because your wife has left him and has come to spend life with you, even though her affection is still attached to her peer, most men have made this mistake after marriage.  And talk about his brother or dad anyway.  So please never make this mistake.

There is another special thing that you should never do in front of your wife directly about physical things and do not rush to do anything, men are less shy than born but women are too shy to start slowly.  A woman should not be asked directly about any such personal items. If you do this, the woman may be offended by you.

Not to offend the wife’s friends.  They should never have to criticize their spouse against their spouse.  There should never be abusive words or words about a spouse’s friends that may adversely affect your relationship.  Doing so can also pose a danger to your personal relationship.

The cost of marriage should never be discussed with a wife.  Always remember that whatever your wedding day costs, you should never tell your partner.  Because if the woman realizes that you have spent less on her father then that need will be sad.  For every father, there is no greater pain than the departure of a daughter and if you make fun of him, it is wrong.

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