But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold.

In all those who believe that he is properly an intelligent, willing being, genuine love towards God is most obviously, specifically, and strongly inclined towards prayer; and no less strongly disposes of the heart to worship our exceedingly glorious being. True friendship, in life, multiplies the good and breaks the evils. Strive to have mates, since life on a desert island is like life without friends. It is good fortune to find one true friend in a lifetime; to possess him is a blessing. Being a friend also means mastering the art of timing. There is a time to keep quiet. A time to let go, and let people hurl into their own destiny. And a moment when it’s all over to plan to pick up the pieces.

I have a commitment flowing through my veins, you can’t get me away from it when I lock in someone or something and I trust so deeply.

But if you’re shaking my hand it’s for good. That’s a contract, that’s a trust, in friendship. Don’t give me paper-to smash it, I can get the same lawyer that drew it up. Youth should be filial when at home, and respectful to his elders abroad. He should be honest and sincere. He will overflow to all in love and maintain a good friendship. When he has time and opportunity, he will employ them in friendly studies after the success of those things.Faith is tremendously important within the family, in interpersonal relationships, even in friendship. If you have a partner that you think is a good person, then it is your responsibility until the end to have faith in them, despite the fact that they may have done some bad things. And you have to love your children and believe in them.

Let there be joy in the warmth of fellowship, and exchanging of pleasures. For the heart finds its morning in the dew of little things, and is refreshed.


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