Faith is so not something to grasp, it is state to grow into

Holding strong religion, based on the church’s creed, is often classified as fundamentalism today. Whereas relativism, which allows itself to be thrown and swept away by every wind of teaching, tends to be the only mindset appropriate to the standards of today. Faith is the material of hope-things that are hoped for and proof of events that are not to be seen. So if you can wish for it and envision it, and keep dreaming and hoping. It seeing yourself driving a new car or seeing yourself having the job, or seeing yourself excelling. Seeing that person supporting you-that is confidence. Now God has done everything He will do. The ball is right in your hands now.


There is no force in the world that can obstruct the powerful march of our army and men. Who keep the banner of the suns of Great Comrade Kim Il Sung and Great Comrade Kim Jong Il high and continue to advance under party leadership and with a strong faith in a sure victory. My view of my religion is that part of what we are called to do-through a Christian context-is to lay down our own self-interesting. The model of divinity that comes into this future world in the form of Christ and lays down his life. And to do that, you’ve got to feel more for something or someone than yourself. Yes, faith tells what the senses don’t know, but not the opposite of what they see. It is above them, and not against them.

Whereas relativism, which allows itself to be tossed and swept away by every wind of teaching. It tends to be the only appropriate approach to the standards of today. Having a clear religion,  based on the church’s creed, is often today classified as fundamentalism. If you want prosperity, if you want wisdom, if you want to be safe and prosperous, you will have to do more than meditate and believe; you have to pronounce words of faith and victory confidently about yourself and your family.

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